Becoming A Personal Chef

Written by Shirley Parker
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Becoming a personal chef begins with a dream and talent. Then comes the culinary training, which a cook can take to become a skilled chef. Courses range from comfortable small classes close to home, to several months at a culinary academy, or several years at a chef's school of renown. Select universities also offer training in both food preparation and the business side of the industry.

And let's not forget the home study route to becoming a personal chef. This fits many budgets and accompanying time constraints for many chefs. Online courses fit the bill for others who are comfortable with that method of learning new material. Even so, the addition of several hands-on culinary classes, among other chefs following the same dream, is a great social reward in itself. It may also be the seed of a future network of associates to help with a sudden crunch of business.

The wise personal chef will also work toward certification, even though it takes time and hard work to achieve. Customers just feel better knowing any professional has gone to the trouble of meeting industry standards. Few people would take a car to a mechanic who didn't display his or her credentials, and our nutrition is just as important.

Becoming A Personal Chef Also Involves Paperwork

There's just no way around it. Everything we do has paperwork, even though we live in an electronic age. Even a one-day workshop in the federal, state and local regulations, permits, procedures and planning involved in becoming a personal chef launching a business can save so many headaches down the road. A one-on-one consultation at an entrepreneurial center, if there's one near you, can make a chef feel that he or she hasn't taken on too much after all.

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