Chef Job Searches

Written by Shirley Parker
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Chef job searches in the daily newspaper, especially the Sunday edition, would seem the traditional place to begin. However, as with many other categories, jobs for chefs are not always advertised in the Classifieds. If they are listed, there is sometimes so little information that the ads draw few, if any, responses.

No one willingly responds to a blind ad, knowing that the person or company that placed it, has something to hide. Perhaps they don't want an incumbent employee to know they are seeking her replacement. Consequently, frustrated job seekers have again turned to the Internet when seeking employment. America's Job Bank draws a great deal of interest, drawing in thousands of cyberspace job seekers and employers looking for fresh talent daily.

Another possibility in chef job searches is going through the state unemployment office. If your state has recently updated its listings so that they're available and searchable online, there may be some hope there. (You may have to enter "cook" instead of "chef" to get more than one listing to show up.) If the unemployment people are still mired in old DOS-based programs that can only be searched by slogging through listings at the unemployment office itself, forget it! You'll be there all day, a good deal of it spent waiting for your turn.

More Chef Job Searches

Chef job searches with high-level skills are best made through private agencies. They may charge a fee to the applicant, but often, it is the employer who pays the placement fee. Just clarify that before signing anything. Industry networking remains a prime source of new job leads, though working the phones can get depressing, if no one knows of anything. Job searching eight hours a day isn't good for the spirit, so make time for something you enjoy every day, something that doesn't necessarily cost much, if any money.

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