Entertainment Cooking

Written by Shirley Parker
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"Entertainment Cooking" seems to be a mistake in terminology, as though there should be a comma between the two words, or that the two should be listed as individual diversions. But nowadays, entertainment cooking is its own business. If a chef enjoys the limelight, or at least doesn't mind people watching her work, a calendar will not have empty Thursday afternoons, for example, unless she wants them that way.

As a customer, you really can confound your friends with something different for a get-together, by hiring a personal chef to come to your home and give cooking demonstrations. In some quarters, such demos are considered trendy; in other social groups, cooking demos are a normal part of the milieu. Most people would fall somewhere in between and enjoy attending something unusual.

Most TV cooking shows also demonstrate cooking techniques and provide dietary information that is serious and aimed at helping viewers. Others have become slapstick and offensive. A bad show can sour your interest in entertainment cooking, but channel surfing, as annoying as it often is, can probably scare up something much more intelligent and creative on the topic of cooking.

Entertainment Cooking May Be Hands-On

If you're unsure of your skills in ethnic foods that aren't part of your heritage, a personal chef can be hired to teach you and your family, or a group of friends, exciting new recipes. You can all sample new tastes, and be entertained while you learn new preparation techniques. In fact, just about any cooking specialty can be taught in your home this way, if you have space for the basic equipment to be set up.

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