Home Based Cooking Businesses

Written by Shirley Parker
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The demand and opportunity for home based cooking businesses has never been greater than it is today. Hearsay alone indicates that interest in the industry will continue to be lively. From the chef's standpoint, the chance to branch out by continuing to do something more with favorite skills is sometimes irresistible.

Among home based cooking businesses, that of being a personal chef offers respite from 10- to 12-hour days at a restaurant. Education or training, and experience from those days are all extremely useful and translate well into serving personal clients. That kind of background gives a big boost to getting the personal chef venture off the ground.

People without restaurant experience wanting to start home based cooking businesses will still find plenty of help available from the Personal Chefs Network (PCN) or the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) and similar professional networks. A lot of regulations need to be digested and marketing strategy figured out, among other vital steps to be taken. Seeking out the camaraderie of professional peers can mean the difference between success and failure, excitement over the plunge you've taken or dismay at the rocks that are coming up fast.

Additional Home Based Cooking Businesses

PCN or USPCA, for example, can also steer an eager would-be entrepreneur in the right direction to learn catering expertise, how to prepare dinner parties or cooking demonstrations on the customer's premises, and how to open a commercial kitchen. Their online forums put you in touch with others who may be selling a product based on a family recipe. Study-at-home manuals are available from several sources, along with software to help you plan your menus and events. Personal Chef magazine is a membership benefit from USPCA and most associations have an information packet, available upon request.

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