Personal Chef Businesses

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personal chef businesses were barely thriving until they really started to take off in the 1990s. The surge in interest followed various TV channels airing cooking demonstrations that audiences loved. The programs all but made movie stars out of chefs, and many sold cookbooks by the multi-thousands, far more than anyone would have expected of a boring subject like cooking. "Home Ec" was never like this, with twirls and flourishes, dramatic encounters, and professional chefs whose food sometimes sagged in the oven or flew onto the floor, to the delight of the audiences!

Most working people, in the U.S. especially, are now run ragged from trying to juggle increasingly ridiculous demands on their time. Much of a day is wasted sitting in traffic jams and that's "just for starters," as they say. Nightmare Los Angeles County is teetering on 24-hour gridlock and many other cities aren't that far behind as quality of life sinks fast. No one has the energy to cook after dragging home exhausted.

With so many harried consumers, the longing for someone else to fix a decent, healthy dinner that can be quickly reheated is increasing daily. Personal chef businesses range from those that prepare a week's worth of meals that meet dietary concerns, to catering a dinner party or a neighborhood barbecue. Personal chefs often present in-home cooking classes that educate and entertain, or branch out into opening a deli or home delivery meal service.

Advertising Personal Chef Businesses

Personal chef businesses can be listed with registries to attract more business engagements. Whenever they're around other people, shy violets will need to overcome natural reticence and talk about the services they provide. Word-of-mouth referrals can keep a personal chef and her associates as busy as they want to be, and then some.

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