Personal Chef Catering

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personal chef catering differs from the catering the public is used to, where food is prepared in commercial kitchens and transported in large stainless steel, covered containers to an event. Those events can be wedding receptions, company picnics, retirement dinners, even church socials where local authorities have not granted a restaurant license to the church's kitchen. Regular catered food for large groups has therefore been cooked or prepared several hours ahead of time.

Personal chef catering, on the other hand, means two or three chefs go to the customer's residence to cook the food. They may have done some initial preparation in their own homes, but will take all necessary pots, pans, and groceries to the residence and cook the catered meal right there. They may spend as little as three hours in the home, including cleanup. Obviously, they need to plan as carefully as the large caterer, so that they can make a profit while preparing a culinary delight.

If you live in a state or county where your church kitchen doesn't have a restaurant license, it means food can only be kept warm or reheated in the church's ovens because state/county inspectors have declined to issue a letter grade to the kitchen. (Commercial restaurants strive for an A, of course.) The food can't actually be prepared and cooked at the church, even if the ovens are brand new, refrigerators work as they should, and floors and counters are spotless. There is that matter of hairnets and other items. What happened to the good old days?

Personal Chef Catering Can Be Learned

The ins and outs of personal chef catering are best learned through professional instruction. Whether it's a self-study course or an on-location class where you can exchange concerns with others and obtain answers, you'll gain expertise you didn't have before. If you decide to join a group of professional chefs with a website, many more tips can be instantly available. Knowing what to look out for beats just jumping into the deep end of the pool any day.

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