Personal Chef Insurance

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personal chef insurance basically means general liability insurance. All personal chefs and private chefs should carry insurance, unless they have been hired directly by an employer who pays for an umbrella policy for all chefs on its payroll. Any time you go into someone else's home to prepare food for pay, there is the risk of something going wrong, no matter how small that risk may be.

Personal chef insurance may be cheaper if you belong to an association than if you purchase a policy on your own. However, membership fees may cancel out the difference. You'll need to research with several agents, after finding insurance listings on the Internet. A large city may have such listings in the Yellow Pages, but the worldwide web will provide more choices. Also, you may have to buy your own insurance before some chef associations will accept you as a member.

Personal chef insurance may be a flat-rate type of coverage or a per-quote type of coverage. Like almost everything else in this world, what is best for the chef seems to depend on location. Liability coverage may be available up to two million dollars or even more. Fire coverage may go to $250,000 or more. You'll be covered, whether you get a gig in a vacation condo or in the boss's mansion because his private chef just quit and he's heard the Admin. Assistant in Sales sometimes moonlights as a chef.

Personal Chef Insurance is Limited

The insurance that personal chefs pay for does not cover all situations. For example, it may cover you in Puerto Rico and Canada, as well as the United States, but not if you're cooking on board a private yacht on a 5-day cruise in international waters. Read the fine print. Insurance usually only covers the individual, not a partnership or other business arrangement. Catering is a big change from being a personal chef and will require different coverage.

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