Personal Chef Jobs

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personal chef jobs are ideal for those versatile people who already have a reputation for cooking great meals and who are willing to take formal training to expand those skills and their business knowledge. Starting off on the right foot builds self-confidence and adds to the likelihood customers will refer you to their friends and co-workers. That means a steady source of income, which all of us need, regardless of occupation.

Going into business as a personal chef allows both the cooking enthusiast who's turning professional and the worn-out restaurant chef to set their own work schedule. If weekends, nights and holidays spent preparing food sound unappealing, you can decline to work those hours. Try telling that to a corporate bottom-liner who has forgotten the meaning of humane.

This shouldn't give the impression that personal chef jobs are easy work. They're not. But they can be and usually are pleasant work. Reports from personal chefs indicate the work is enjoyable and many wouldn't go back to the long days that popular restaurants demand because they are so busy.

Personal Chef Jobs in Our Town

Personal chef jobs are available in most communities, large or small. A suggestion is that if you're new in town, you need to join the Chamber of Commerce, or its equivalent, to make contacts and explain precisely what your services cover. Enlist a local printer or prepare a relevant biography printed up on attractive postcards, or a 3-fold brochure listing your specialties. Handing these out at community events provides visibility.

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