Personal Chef Services

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personal chef services? However enticing it sounds, at first glance the exciting idea of being able to order up personal chef services seems to be only for those with plenty of money or who present that appearance to the world. The very word "chef" indicates someone other than a cook, else why not say "cook"? However, since the original French term was chef de cuisine or head of the kitchen, the chef was actually a skilled cook in charge of other cooks or assistants.

In actual fact, personal chef services are provided in the home for a reasonable cost on a day mutually agreed upon, usually a weekday. After consulting with the customer, the personal chef first shops on the scheduled day for fresh ingredients to prepare a week's worth of meals that the customer has requested, possibly specific meals for two weeks. Then, along with those ingredients, the chef brings personal tools of the trade--pots, pans, knives and other utensils--that are loaded back in the car or van at the end of the day.

Access to the home is provided by the client being home that day, or by giving the personal chef a key to the home, once trust has been established. Most personal chefs are certified or working toward certification, and also carry liability insurance. They attend classes regularly and network with other professionals to keep up with the latest recipes, innovative tools and other areas of interest.

Personal Chef Services And A Freezer

A week's worth of prepared meals requires a way of keeping them fresh, so, based on the size of the family, a good capacity freezer needs to be on the premises. Most food stored in the refrigerator does not safely keep more than a few days, even when professionally prepared and sturdily packaged. Personal chef services include leaving detailed instructions for defrosting and reheating the frozen meals, based on the kind of appliances in the client's kitchen.

While it does require a regular source of income or assets of some kind to have personal chef services provided in the home, the healthy and tempting meals that are prepared replace other meals the customer would have bought or put together himself. The customer saves time as well as money, a serious consideration for today's overbooked weeks and months. Unlike the private chef, the personal chef has as many clients as he or she can comfortably accommodate.

Chefs have an artistic bent and have been known to throw terrible tantrums if the slightest thing offends them. Employers who place great value on the food they eat have tended to put up with such antics. Yet, a personal chef would never dream of behaving in such a fashion. Personal chef services mean that customers and their special meals come first.

Personal Chef Services and The Tradition of Fine Cooking

In recent times, it became expected for a chef to work many years for other chefs, and also to attend academies that specialized in teaching refined cooking skills. For too many years, too many people had thought that only men made good chefs, but Le Cordon Bleu of international distinction was founded in 1895 in Paris by a woman, Marthe Distel. The culinary school now has additional locations in London, Ottawa, Sydney and Tokyo.

Many other fine cooking schools have been established in many countries, and exist throughout the United States. Additional culinary academies provide a variety of training environments, some employing the advantages of modern technology. Almost all offer the option of live classes where those at the beginning of their careers, as well as at other stages, can socialize and learn from each other's techniques.

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