Lavazza Coffee

Written by Charles Peacock
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The origins of Lavazza coffee, one of the world's most widely-known brands, stretch back more than a century to the Italian city of Torino(Turin in English). From its small beginnings in a tiny Torino grocery store, Lavazza has grown into an international corporation that produces some of the world's best coffee. Let's take a look at the history of Lavazza coffee and where the company stands today.

The History of Lavazza Coffee

In 1895, Luigi Lavazza purchased a small grocery store for 26,000 Lire, or the equivalent of $20. In addition to selling groceries, Lavazza took a special interest in the roasting of coffee beans, which, at the time, were an expensive product only marketed towards an exclusive set of customers. Over the years, however, coffee became more affordable and Lavazza began to enter the wholesale coffee trade.

By the Second World War, Lavazza had become a large family business that specialized solely in the production of fine roasted coffee beans. By focusing on one particular type of bean, Lavazza coffee came to symbolize consistency and quality. In the years after the war, Lavazza was selling upwards of 1,000 tons of coffee per year.

The trademark Lavazza coffee logo was developed in the 1960's, and the company's marketing efforts and production innovations allowed them to expand even further. By the 1980's Lavazza was quickly becoming one of the most popular coffee brands in Europe. It wasn't until 1989 that Lavazza entered the U.S. market, but today the brand is recognized even on American shores as one of the highest quality coffee producers in the world.

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