Written by Charles Peacock
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Saeco International is one of the world leaders in the production of coffee and espresso machines. The company was founded in 1981 in Italy, with an eye on entering the home espresso machine market. In less than 30 years, they have in many ways come to dominate the industry.

The Story of Saeco

Saeco was originally founded as a company that produced espresso machines for home use. They then sold these machines to third parties who would re-brand them and sell them under their own label. Because of the success of their machines, however, within a few years Saeco decided to start marketing directly to the consumer.

Over the years, Saeco has expanded into other product lines. In addition to their home espresso machines, they also produce coffee vending machines that can produce various types of coffee with the press of a button. Recently, they have expanded their product line to include climate control products and air humidifiers.

Saeco prides itself on innovation, and it is this quality that has allowed them to stay at or near the top of many of the world's markets. Currently, the company holds a 65 percent market share in Italy. In the rest of Europe, they are the market leader with 30 percent of the market share.

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