Saute Pans

Written by Charles Peacock
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Saute pans are wide pans with curved sides that are usually a bit higher than the sides of standard frying pans. While you can saute food in any normal pan, good saute pans will usually yield better results. They will allow you to saute your food quickly, without burning it, and they can hold significantly more food than flat frying pans.

How to Choose Good Saute Pans

Sauteing is a process by which you cook food quickly in a small amount of butter or oil over a direct heat source. It differs from frying in that less fat is used to cook the food and the process happens a lot quicker. Because of the delicacy of sauteing, a good pan is required to produce good results.

Good saute pans use heavy-gauge, conductive metals to create an even cooking surface. The sides of the pan should heat up as well as the bottom of the pan, which helps you avoid burning and creates a more even saute. Copper, cast iron, and stainless steel are all good metals for saute pans.

When cooking with a saute pan, it's important to use the right size pan. If you are cooking a small amount of food, using a pan that's too large can cause the juices from the food to evaporate too quickly. If you are cooking a large amount of food in a small pan, everything will be too close together and you risk steaming the food instead of sauteing it.

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