Stainless Cookware

Written by Charles Peacock
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Stainless cookware helps us keep our kitchen and utensils looking clean, even if we use it frequently. This is particularly important for people who like to cook in front of others, and for those who like to display their cookware on hooks and racks. Let's take a look at how to care for your stainless cookware.

Caring for Stainless Cookware

It's a very common occurrence for someone to buy a piece of supposedly "stainless" cookware, only to bring it home and immediately stain it. "How is this possible," they wonder. "Did I get ripped off?" The reality is that they probably didn't get ripped off--they probably just didn't read the instructions that came with their cookware.

Even the best stainless cookware has some care requirements if you want to keep it looking nice. In many cases, this means "priming" the cookware after you buy it, and before you first use it. Many copper pans, for instance, are sold with a protective sealant over them that keeps them from tarnishing while sitting on the shelf. If you put the pan on a burner without removing the seal, you'll permanently burn it and will never be able to get it clean.

It's important to read the instructions for your stainless cookware. If you do, you'll learn that some products need to be hand-cleaned and are not made for the dishwasher (which gets so hot that it can actually destroy the protective "stainless" layer). You'll also learn that some pieces of cookware are averse to being cleaned with scrub brushes or certain kinds of solvents. The better you treat your stainless cookware, the better it will treat you.

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