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Food Budget Ideas For Monthly Savings

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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If you are looking for ways to economize, take a look at how much money per month you spend on food. Surely there are ways to cut back and continue to eat well.

How many times per week do you grab something from a fast food vendor or convenience store? When leaving home, try taking a healthy snack with you, perhaps a protein bar and apple, which fit conveniently into purses or briefcases. Immediately you have eliminated a few dollars of “emergency food” expenditures from your budget. Those coffeehouse drinks also add up quickly. Making a fresh pot at home and bringing it to work in an insulated cup will save a few more dollars. Already you have saved some money without compromising the diet.

Before you head for the grocery store, make a list. Then stick to it. This will help resist impulse buys, the purchase of foods you don’t really need. These foods are prettily packaged, but will most likely sit in the pantry until they go bad and need to be thrown away. Coming up with meal plans is beneficial, as you know in advance exactly what you need to make several days worth of food.

Buy in bulk. Food sold in small packages is more expensive. Whenever possible, buy the larger size of something you use regularly. Stop buying bottled water and sodas. They will eat up a large part of the montly food budget.

Prepare more food at home. Eat out less. How many times per month do you eat in restaurants? Cooking at home and save money instantly. View dining out as a special treat, not as a regular way of life.

If you are a meat-eater, cut back on cooking with it. Use more grains and vegetables and buy meat less often. Substitute big ticket grocery items, like meat, with healthy alternatives. Go online and find yourself some easy recipes to help retool your eating habits.

Now that you’re cooking more, double the recipe. You can eat leftovers the next day and freeze a portion to reheat whenever you need something delicious and quick.

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