Importance Of Hand Washing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The importance of hand washing is hard to over emphasize. For workers in the food industry however, it is doubly important. Failing to wash hands, or failing to wash them properly, is the most common reason for the spread of disease. To keep any kind of food business safe and thriving, teaching proper hand washing techniques to staff is a first line of defense.

When you hear about an outbreak of SARS, or a hotel or cruise ship where visitors have been struck by a mystery stomach bug, chances are that someone serving those people food failed to understand the importance of hand washing. This is no exaggeration. Proper hand washing really is that important.

Teaching The Importance of Hand Washing

Anywhere between 19 and 30 percent of people don't understand the importance of hand washing. This means the rest of us are being exposed to unnecessary health hazards on a regular basis. Only when public health instruction becomes a lot more effective, and 100 percent of food industry employees learn to wash properly every single time they go to the bathroom or have dirty hands, will we begin to see rates of illness decline.

If you take the importance of hand washing seriously in relation to your business, you'll be interested in any method of effectively teaching your employees how to scrub up. You can send them on a food safety course, where they'll learn all about washing their hands, and the consequences of not doing so. Or you can buy a food safety information kit for use at your business. Whatever you decide to do, don't leave the safety of your business in someone else's dirty hands.

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