Lafayette Food Safety Training

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Lafayette food safety training is necessary for all workers employed in the food industry. If your workers are not yet certified, you should consider it a matter of urgency. Lack of awareness of food safety is a major factor in problems with customers in the food industry. All it takes is one lapse and your business could automatically be blacklisted by customers for miles around. Bad news really does travel fast.

In case you think your workers are not in need of Lafayette food safety training, consider this: Somewhere between 20 and 30 percent of all people in the US fail to wash their hands after using the toilet. How do you know that a greater percentage than that is not represented among your employees? Do you have the time to stand and watch them as they go about their work?

Obligatory Lafayette Food Safety Training

A safe and reliable plan would be to make it obligatory for all your employees to attend some form of Lafayette food safety training. If having clean, knowledgeable food workers is important to you, then this will be nothing less than an investment in your business. At least you will know that everyone has achieved a basic standard of knowledge regarding hygiene.

From then on, if you observe an employee who has not washed their hands after visiting the toilet, or doing a dirty job, you will know that it is not due to lack of knowledge. In this case it will be up to you to decide whether to reprimand them or let them go. Lafayette food safety training courses are a great way or raising standards among your employees.

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