Restaurant Safety

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The basis of restaurant safety may surprise many people. There are no complicated formulae. There is no long rule book. Believe it or not, restaurant safety and hygiene stands and falls with a very simple act of personal hygiene. If food industry workers fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet or otherwise getting their hands dirty, they could be putting a great many people at risk, and ultimately risking the business they work for.

The first step towards ensuring restaurant safety then, is compulsory food safety education. Every single worker should be required to attend a food safety education course, and preferably to obtain certification too. There are many ways that this can be arranged; either externally, online or in house. To arrange in house food safety education, all it takes is a food safety education kit.

Ensuring Restaurant Safety

Restaurant safety should never be left up to the discretion of individual workers. It's vital to have some kind of monitoring system so that workers who are not observing good personal hygiene can be reprimanded or let go. No such worker is any kind of an asset to the business they work for if they may one day cause anyone to fall ill.

Once you've made sure that all your workers are educated in food safety and that they are all observing good personal hygiene rules, it's time to take a look at the services you provide. Since restaurant safety depends on hygiene, are your providing the right facilities for your staff? A clean, well equipped staff bathroom is essential. Supplies should always be plentiful, especially a good quality germicidal soap. If you can provide facilities that work through the use of sensors, rather than manually, you'll be providing further protection for your business.

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