Gifts For Purim

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Fortunately, finding gifts for Purim is not difficult at all. It is traditional to give gifts of food for Purim so you have a wide choice. From a selection of single kosher foods presented on platters, up to a large kosher gift basket, you can decide what you'd like to give and find it easily online or at kosher food stores. Food gifts for Purim can be appropriate for one person or for a whole family.

You could give a simple platter of Hamentashen cookies, which have become a traditional food for the occasion. Usually triangular, these sweet delights can be a talking point as well as pleasure for the taste buds. Some people say that they are triangular to commemorate the evil Haman's triangular hat; others say that the shape represents his nose, and yet others say that the stuffed cookies represent his pockets, which were always full.

Larger Gifts for Purim

If you want to give a larger Purim gift, perhaps you can fill your gift basket with several platters of cookies and even kosher chocolate. Many gift baskets include a variety of goodies such as sweets, dried fruits, nuts, cookies and chocolate. Since chocolate is enjoyed by so many people, chocolate platters are always popular.

For those who only eat kosher, kosher chocolate is a real treat. Chocolate contains butter, cream and milk so this item is only suitable for a kosher dairy meal. You won't find kosher chocolate in combination with any meat products in a gift basket, since these two items should not be eaten at the same meal.

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