Jewish Gift Baskets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Jewish gift baskets containing kosher food have fast become a significant part of the market for many quality kosher food businesses. The movement towards keeping kosher is gaining momentum, and many Jews are becoming part of the movement. This means encouraging friends and family alike to commit to kosher.

A perfect way to do this is with a delicious kosher food gift. There are many Jewish religious holidays that are the perfect opportunity for the giving of Jewish gift baskets. Purim, Hanukkah, Passover, bar or bat mitzvahs, Jewish weddings and more will give you plenty of opportunities to give kosher gifts.

Food Gifts at Purim

Perhaps Purim is the time of year when the most gifts of food are given. Food is the traditional gift of Purim. At this time, gift baskets can contain a wide variety of foods such as cake, cookies, kosher chocolate, dried fruits and even drinks. A special type of cookie is particularly popular for giving during Purim. Known as hamantashen, these cookies are triangular in shape and often stuffed with a poppy seed mixture.

The only requirements for giving food gifts at Purim are that the foods included should be kosher and ready to eat. This is a good guideline for any time. Giving kosher food means that you are helping your fellow Jew to follow his or her religion. In addition, if the foods are ready to eat, you will be providing the maximum enjoyment, freeing the recipient from any food preparation obligations.

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