Jewish Kosher Foods

Written by Jill Morrison
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Jewish Kosher foods reflect Jewish beliefs and traditions. Certain types of foods are considered Kosher, and they must be prepared in certain ways. Kosher rules dictate which animals, including fish and fowl, may be consumed. The rules also dictate other foods that are considered Kosher, such as dairy products and parve.

Options of Jewish Kosher Foods

Jewish Kosher foods reflect Jewish beliefs and intensify spirituality. In a sense, households that remain Kosher have turned their kitchen into a spiritual place. It takes patience and awareness to remain Kosher and cooking utensils must be kosherized as well.

When preparing Jewish Kosher foods, it is important to keep dairy and meat products separate. There are three types of Kosher foods and they are meat, dairy, and parve. Dairy products include milk and milk products from certain Kosher animals. Parve products are considered to be neutral, neither meat nor dairy. Yet they become a meat or dairy product when cooked with one of those types of food.

Meat products that are Kosher include products of the lamb, goat, or cow. Animals must chew their own cud and must have split hooves to be considered Kosher. Kosher fowl meat includes chicken, duck, goose, and turkey. Non-kosher animals include rabbit, camel, and pig.

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