Written by Jill Morrison
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Koppers are a type of Kosher chocolate. The company has received the "Best Confection" award six times in a row at the Fancy Food Show which is held once a year. This company makes an extensive selection of chocolate candy treats and candy in many other flavors as well.

Options of Koppers Candy

There are many different types of Koppers candies that you may purchase. Some popular choices include chocolate covered espresso beans, malted milk balls, chocolate cordials, chocolate gummy bears, chocolate fruit and nuts, and caramels. Of course, this company is best known for the fantastic flavor of the chocolate and the way the candies are made.

Preparation of these types of candy is very important to the principle of the Jewish religion. These candies are well-known for being Kosher. So, they are prepared safely and are carefully inspected. Then the candies are Kosher certified. Great-tasting Kosher candies are popular as snacks and for gifts.

Koppers has been making exquisite forms of candy since 1937. The company makes over 300 types of chocolates and specialty confections. Candies are made for all occasions, and for special occasions, such as Passover. The treats are available in gift baskets, packages, individually, or in bulk amounts. You can find these candies in candy stores, Kosher markets and online.

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