Kosher Chocolate

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher chocolate is a popular dessert and gift item for Jewish people, primarily. In the Jewish religion, a Kosher diet must be consumed year-round. The rules of Kosher have been observed for thousands of years and can be found in the Torah. Kosher dietary rules are even stricter during Passover, which lasts eight days each year. Luckily, foods and desserts that are Kosher and Kosher for Passover are certified and labeled properly.

Varieties of Kosher Chocolate

In the past, Kosher snacks and treats were hard to find. Now, there are countless Kosher markets and specialty stores that sell Kosher food items and desserts. There are even special Kosher chocolatiers in various places. You can visit them yourself to purchase Kosher chocolate, or you can order their products online.

Specialty chocolate companies sell fine-tasting, Kosher chocolate treats. Shufra is a chocolate company located in New York that sells chocolates in gift boxes, such as Raspberry, marshmallow, coconut, mint, and other chocolate creams. All of the products at Shufra and other chocolate stores that sell Kosher treats are labeled with an "OK," a "P," or with a special symbol for products that are Kosher for Passover.

There are many larger companies that sell chocolate and other Kosher treats. A popular company that makes chocolate treats is Osem. In addition to chocolate products, cakes, and dessert mixes, Osem makes a variety of snacks, soups, pastas, casserole mixes and other food items. Koppers is a company that consistently wins awards for its fine tasting chocolate products. They are best known for their chocolate covered espresso beans.

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