Kosher Chocolate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For the most part, there is no difference between the ingredients of kosher chocolate and non-kosher chocolate. If chocolate is referred to as kosher this simply refers to the fact that its manufacture has been overseen by a rabbi, as required, and that all the ingredients are certified kosher. The process must also comply with the strict kosher requirements for hygiene.

Kosher chocolate is an appropriate gift at any time that is very well received by just about everyone. Who do you know who doesn't love chocolate? Suitable for most Jewish holidays, chocolate is a good choice when you're really not sure what to give. You don't even have to wait for a special occasion; you can give chocolate just because you want to tell someone how much you think of them.

Non-Dairy Kosher Chocolate

You can find kosher gift platters or even gift baskets that contain a wide variety of different kinds of chocolate goods to suit every budget. They look wonderful, and it's possible to have your chosen gift sent straight to the recipient if you choose an online kosher food store. You can also find non-dairy kosher chocolates that can be used to round off a non-dairy meal. Remember that ordinary chocolate cannot be eaten as part of a meat meal as it contains dairy.

Certain major chocolate suppliers make kosher chocolate that tastes exactly the same as their non-kosher products. As with any food product, the quality of the chocolate is not necessarily reflected in its kosher status. Before you send gifts of kosher chocolate, it makes sense to sample the goods first to make sure that you're giving a gift you'd like to receive yourself.

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