Kosher Cookies

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher cookies are a popular dessert item for a Kosher diet. There are many rules involved with food in a Kosher diet. Luckily, foods that are certified Kosher have proper labeling, so you will know what you can purchase. Many different companies make cookies and other desserts from Kosher ingredients.

Options of Kosher Cookies

There are many different types of Kosher cookies available to purchase. You can purchase them for personal enjoyment, to store in your home, or as a gift. Many will assemble gift boxes with assorted cookies for special occasion. You must be careful to purchase cookies that are labeled Kosher for Passover if you will be consuming them, or giving them as a gift during the Passover period.

Kosher cookies are made with Kosher ingredients and are prepared according to Kosher standards. You can find them easily in Kosher markets, specialty stores, online, and in some mass grocery stores. You should make sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing cookies so you can make sure that they are labeled correctly. Most Kosher products will be labeled with a symbol when they have been certified as Kosher.

One of the most popular companies to make Kosher options in cookies and other foods is Osem. Osem is Israel's largest grocery food manufacturer. The company makes over 1,000 different types of products. Osem cookies are extremely tasty and popular. They also make many different types of cakes and dessert mixes.

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