Kosher Cooking

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher cooking is primarily used in Jewish households. There are many rules to abide by when cooking Kosher food. Your kitchen must first be kosherized and proper utensils must be used in cooking. You must also carefully inspect food and make sure that each item is Kosher. Also, certain Kosher foods must be kept separate from each other.

Rules of Kosher Cooking

In Kosher cooking, you must first make sure that your ingredients are Kosher. There are three different categories of Kosher food. These categories are dairy, meat, and parve. Dairy and meat products cannot be cooked together. Parve products can be cooked with either dairy or meat products, though.

When choosing Kosher meat, you should look for animals that chew their own cud and have split hooves. These animals include goat, lamb, and cow. Rabbit, camel, and pig are not Kosher animals. Kosher fowl includes turkey, chicken, and duck.

For dairy products to be Kosher, they must be taken from Kosher animals. Parve products are considered neutral. They are neither dairy, nor meat. Yet, they take on the category of dairy or meat when cooked with these products. It is important to know which Kosher products may be cooked together, and to use the proper tools for Kosher cooking.

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