Kosher Food For Passover

Written by Jill Morrison
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Preparing Kosher food for Passover is an important Jewish tradition. A Kosher diet is known as a form of spiritual nutrition. Eating Kosher foods shows respect for tradition and religious beliefs. For this reason, eating Kosher foods is especially important during Passover.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days. A strict set of rules about Kosher food for Passover. During Passover, leavened products and some grain products may not be consumed. A few communities will also refrain from eating legumes at this time. Some of these food items are not considered Kosher during Passover, but are considered Kosher the rest of the year.

Types of Kosher Food for Passover

There are three categories of Kosher food for Passover and they are meat, dairy, and parve. Parve food products are not dairy or meat in nature, so they are considered neutral. These items may be cooked with meat or dairy products. Yet, when they are cooked with dairy, they will become dairy and when they are cooked with meat, they become meat products as well.

Meat and dairy products must be kept separate in Kosher food preparation for Passover. For a meat or dairy product to be considered Kosher, it must be taken from a Kosher animal. These animals include cow, goat, lamb, duck, turkey, and chicken. When preparing these items, the meat and dairy products should be prepared in different areas, and Kosher utensils should be used.

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