Kosher Food Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher food products are often used in Jewish households as a reflection of spirituality. The laws of Kosher have been observed for thousands of years and can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. In order for foods to be considered Kosher, they must fall under certain rules, and must be prepared in certain ways.

Options of Kosher Food Products

Kosher food products fall into three categories: meat, dairy, or parve. Meat and dairy products must be kept separate from each other for them to remain Kosher. Both of these types of food products must be taken from certain types of animals as well. Parve products are considered to be neutral because they are not dairy or meat products. However, parve products can become meat or dairy products when they are cooked with these foods.

Meat and dairy products must be taken from certain animals that are considered Kosher. Animals must chew on their own cud and must have split hooves to be considered Kosher. These animals include goat, lamb, and cow. Rabbit, camel, and pig are not considered to be Kosher animals. Kosher fowl includes chicken, duck, turkey, and some goose products.

There is a wide variety of parve foods that are considered to be Kosher food products. Certain types of snacks and candy can even be classified as Kosher. You can find Kosher products in grocery stores, specialty Kosher markets and online. Ordering snacks and Kosher gifts online is very convenient as well.

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