Kosher Foods

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher foods can be used to maintain a Kosher diet. A Kosher diet is primarily used as a Jewish custom. Maintaining this diet reflects Jewish beliefs, spirituality, and tradition. The laws of Kosher can be found in the Torah, the Old Testament of the Bible. These rules have been observed for over 3,300 years.

A Kosher diet requires that you only eat Kosher foods. There are three categories of Kosher foods, and they are meat, dairy, and parve. Meat and dairy products must be kept separate for Kosher meals. Parve foods are considered neutral and can be cooked with either meat or dairy products. However, once parve products are cooked with meat or dairy products, they then become meat or dairy products.

Finding Kosher Foods

When purchasing Kosher foods, you should make sure to examine food labels. Kosher foods will have a symbol printed on the label to show that they are Kosher certified. You can find Kosher groceries in Kosher markets, specialty stores, some grocery stores, and by ordering them online. Though there are a lot of rules involved in a Kosher diet, there are also a wide variety of food items that you can choose to purchase and enjoy.

One of the easiest methods for purchasing food is by ordering Kosher foods online. You can order all different types of Kosher snacks, candy, desserts, and even meals from the Internet. Make sure that the products are certified and do not just state that they are Kosher before ordering. You can also order Kosher gift baskets online to give on special occasions and Jewish holidays.

Types of Kosher Foods

There is a wide variety of options regarding Kosher food choices. You can find many different types of Kosher candies, chips, crackers, cookies, cakes, soups, coffee, tea, grains, cereals, fruits, meats, and dairy products that are made with Kosher ingredients and are Kosher certified. When food products are certified, it means they have been inspected by a Rabbi or Kosher organization.

Kosher candy is one of the most popular Kosher items ordered online. Candy is enjoyed by children and adults. Candy is also commonly used in gifts boxes or baskets. You can find Kosher candies that are fruit, sour, coffee, vanilla, or chocolate flavored, among other flavors. Kosher chocolates are often given for special occasions. Candies made by Wonka are typically novelty items and are commonly used as gifts for children. Other popular Kosher candy companies include Paskesz, Koppers, and Shufra.

Osem is Israel's largest grocery manufacturer. This company makes over 1,000 different Kosher food products, including chips, soups, crackers, biscuits, sauces, casserole mixes, cookies, wafers, condiments, pasta, dessert mixes, and cakes. Some popular Osem products include Apropo party snacks, Bamba peanut snacks, and Bissli flavored snacks.

Kosher Food for Passover

Kosher food that you enjoy year-round may not be considered Kosher during Passover. Passover is an annual eight-day Jewish holiday. For Passover, leavened products, certain grains, and legumes in some communities are not permitted. Certain ingredients such as soy and corn are considered Kosher during the year, but are not Kosher during Passover. The best way to maintain Kosher during Passover is by checking labels and looking for products that are labeled as Kosher for Passover.

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