Kosher Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher gifts are commonly purchased for Jewish holidays and other special occasions. Following a Kosher diet is a Jewish custom. The rules of Kosher can be found in the Torah and have been observed for thousands of years. There are three categories of Kosher foods, and they are dairy, meat, and parve. Parve products are most commonly used in Kosher gift baskets.

Choices of Kosher Gifts

Kosher gifts can be given for special occasions, such as birthdays, or for Jewish holidays. But, you should be careful to observe labeling on gift products for certain holidays. For instance, foods that are considered Kosher during the year may not be considered Kosher during Passover. The best way to buy gifts for the Passover period is to find foods that are labeled Kosher for Passover.

Candy is the most popular item used for Kosher gifts. Candy can be given individually, in assorted boxes, in boxes with one type of candy, or in gift baskets. Popular brands of Kosher candy include Koppers, Paskesz, Shufra, and Wonka. You can find nearly any type of Kosher candy, including chocolate truffles, gummy candies, lollypops, mints, gum, and sour candies.

Snacks and other food items may be compiled into gift baskets. You can organize a gift basket to include a theme of Kosher foods. For instance, if the recipient of the gift likes Italian food, you can create a gift basket to include Kosher pasta, pasta sauce, cheese, and spices. Baskets of snacks and other Kosher goodies are popular among children as well.

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