Kosher Groceries

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher groceries can help you to turn your kitchen into a spiritual place. By kosherizing your kitchen you can reflect and acknowledge Jewish beliefs and traditions. Kosher food rules have been observed for over 3,300 years and can be found in the Torah. There are many types of Kosher groceries that you can purchase.

Finding Kosher Groceries

You can find Kosher groceries in many different types of markets. Kosher foods can be found in Kosher food markets and can be ordered easily online. You can even find them in regular grocery stores if you understand what makes foods Kosher. Kosher foods are divided into three groups. These groups are dairy, meat, and parve.

Dairy and meat foods should be kept separate for them to remain Kosher. They must only be taken from certain animals as well. Kosher animals and fowl include cow, chicken, duck, turkey, goat, and lamb. Camel, rabbit, and pig are non-kosher animals. Generally, Kosher animals chew their own cud and have split hooves.

Parve is a term that means neutral. So foods in this category are not considered to be dairy or meat. However, when parve foods are cooked with a dairy or meat product, they are then considered a dairy or a meat. Many different types of Kosher snacks and groceries can be purchased, with the best prices found online.

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