Kosher Meals

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many considerations to make when preparing Kosher meals. Kosher meals are typically made in Jewish households to celebrate spirituality and recognize tradition. The rules of Kosher foods have been acknowledged for thousands of years and can be found in the Torah, or the Old Testament of the Bible.

Preparing Kosher Meals

There are rules to abide by when preparing Kosher meals. First you must make sure that your kitchen is clean and has the necessary resources for preparing Kosher foods. You must be able to keep certain Kosher products separate from others. This is important in the process of preparing a Kosher meal.

There are three types of Kosher food items that you may use in a meal. These categories are meat, dairy, and parve. Meat and dairy products must be kept separate from each other in cooking and any other preparation of a meal. So, you must make sure not to prepare these items in the same area, such as on the same countertop, or section of a sink.

Only certain animals are considered Kosher. These animals and fowl include chicken, duck, turkey, some goose, lamb, goat, and cow. Non-Kosher animals include pig, rabbit, and camel. Meat products and also dairy products must be taken from Kosher animals to be considered Kosher. Parve products are neither dairy nor meat, but can be cooked with either type of food.

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