Kosher Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher products fit into a certain category of food. They are taken from certain animals and food products and are also prepared in a certain way. The rules of Kosher can be found in the Torah and have been used for thousands of years. Kosher foods are primarily used in Jewish households, for spiritual reasons.

Types of Kosher Products

There are three types of foods that may be considered to be Kosher. Kosher products may be meat, dairy, or parve. Kosher meat and dairy products are taken from certain types of animals. Parve foods are considered neutral because they are neither meat nor dairy products. Yet, they become a meat or dairy product when cooked with one of those types of foods.

Meat and dairy products must be kept separate in a Kosher diet. Parve products may be cooked with either meat or dairy products. Kosher animals include cow, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, and duck. Rabbit, camel, and pig are forbidden in a Kosher diet. You can buy Kosher meat or dairy products in regular grocery stores or in specialty Kosher markets.

Parve products cover a large span of food items. Even types of snacks and candy can be considered Kosher products. If you are having trouble finding Kosher snacks and food products in regular grocery stores, you may want to search for them online. Many online sites carry a wide variety of interesting and delicious Kosher snacks and other Kosher food products.

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