Kosher Shiva Baskets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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"Sitting shiva" is an old Jewish term for the mourning of bereaved relatives. This is a very ancient custom that is being revived as Jews everywhere have had a chance to discover that there is wisdom in the old ways. Often in today's societies. there is no room or time for proper mourning when a person dies, so the bereaved are left to cope with the grief however they can. This can sometimes mean that healing does not take place the way it should.

A proper grieving process can result in a better spiritual and emotional recovery after the death of a loved one. Part of the shiva tradition is that the mourners should not take part in any of the normal activities of daily life, such as keeping house and preparing food. These responsibilities should be taken on by members of the extended family and the community.

The Easy Way to Give Shiva Gifts

One of the advantages of today's way of life though is that many of the practical aspects of day to day living are made easier for us. In particular, kosher food stores can be a great support at times like these. Stores of good reputation can be relied upon to make up and deliver kosher food baskets for shiva that you would be proud to give.

So however busy you are, you needn't be too busy to do your duty as a member of the Jewish community. You can even order online from some of these companies, making the process as fast and easy as possible. A gift of a kosher shiva basket will carry great love and meaning from you to the recipient.

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