Kosher Tea

Written by Jill Morrison
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Kosher is a Hebrew word meaning fit or proper. Kosher dietary laws are explained in the Torah (The Old Testament). Foods can be described as natural but still have additives. That is why even tea must be supervised and verified as following dietary laws before it can be labeled Kosher Tea.

Description of Kosher Tea

Tea is made from the dried leaves of a tea plant, or Camellia sinesis. This plant grows wild in Inda and is cultivated in China. There are over 3000 varieties of tea available. To be considered Kosher Tea, the product must be of high quality, pure, and without additives. Many of the varieties available for purchase come from China.

Green tea steams fresh picked leaves before they are heated or dried. Black tea uses leaves that are fully fermented before they are heated or dried. Oolong tea is only partially fermented before heating and drying. White tea is the least processed and is simply withered and steamed. Herbal teas do not use tea leaves. They are created using herbs and spices such as rosebuds, mint, cinnamon and hibiscus. The ingredients are combined to create a wide variety of flavors and colors.

Many varieties of Kosher Tea are available. Some examples are Cholov Ysroel Authentic Chai tea, Spiced Chai tea, and Vanilla Chai tea. The tea is usually packaged in single cup packages. They can be a very healthy addition to a Kosher diet.

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