Mishloach Manos Baskets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Gifts of food are so popular during Purim that gift baskets containing food even have a special name at this time. They are referred to as mishloach manos baskets. This means to "give a portion" in Hebrew. The Yiddish version of this phrase is slach manos. Considered a huge blessing both for the giver and receiver, mishloach manos baskets are not difficult at all to create yourself.

All you need is some kind of receptacle, which can range from a platter to any size of traditional basket. Next, you need a selection of ready to eat foods of your choice. It is necessary for the food to be ready to eat, as this is one of the requirements of giving food during Purim.

Mishloach Manos Foods

Good choices are foods that have a long shelf life. This can be gourmet foods of any kind, but it's best to try and avoid meat and dairy-containing goods. Parve, or neutral foods, are more acceptable because they can be eaten at any time without regard to the main meal being eaten. Some foods that are commonly included in mishloach manos baskets are different types of chocolate and even some cakes and biscuits that contain dairy. If they do contain dairy, then they should be clearly marked as such for the convenience of your loved one.

However, in our present time when everyone is always in such a rush, ready prepared mishloach manos baskets are popular with many. Picking a reputable kosher food company for all your food basket requirements is the perfect way to please your friends and relatives and free up lots of time for yourself. There are many good kosher food businesses providing this service, some are even online, so it should not be at all difficult to arrange.

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