Mishloach Manot Boxes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The sending of food gifts to everyone you know is such an important part of the celebration of the Jewish Feast of Purim that there is even a special name for it. In the old days, the tradition was to send a portion of food to others. This took on the name of mishloach manot, which literally means to "send a portion" in Hebrew.

The kind of people you might send mishloach manot to are those in your immediate community, your extended family members, your friends, your children's school friends, and so on. These are just ideas to get you started. You will probably be able to extend the list quite a bit. It is also a good idea to get together with others to send mishloach manot. You will have a longer list, but the expense won't be quite so great if you are working with a limited budget.

The Tradition of Mishloach Manot

Of course in days gone by, everyone would make up their own mishloach manot boxes to send. Some people still do. Unfortunately though, most of us are too busy to continue with such customs. Luckily, there are now kosher food stores that will undertake this task for you, so you can still fulfill the requirements for Purim, no matter how busy you are.

Popular items for inclusion in mishloach manot boxes are dried fruit, nuts, special cookies called hamantashen, other baked goods and candy. Sending kosher food as a gift takes on a special meaning during the Feast of Purim. Helping someone else to fulfill the requirements of their religion is a good thing to do at any time, but during Purim it is especially recommended.

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