Written by Jill Morrison
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MRE products are ready-to-eat meal kits. The name originated in the military and stands for Meals Ready to Eat. They were originally developed for soldiers to use in combat situations. These meals were stored and preserved in a way, so they could be transported easily and consumed without the need for cooking. These meals were pre-cooked and remain moist in the package.

MRE Options

Most companies that make MRE products, sell them in cases, rather than individually. Typically, cases are sold with one type of meal for every package. But, meal packages are available with many different types of foods choices. Some examples of meal options include country chicken, beef enchilada, turkey with gravy, rice and bean burrito, grilled beef, grilled chicken, and meat loaf.

MRE products can be used in many other situations besides for the military. They are great for emergency situations such as earthquakes and tornadoes. They can also be used generally on long road trips, for hiking, or for camping. Many hunters and fisherman enjoy these pre-made meals as well.

Some companies that make ready-to-eat meals will create Kosher certified products. This is valued primarily by the Jewish population. In Jewish tradition, Kosher foods should be consumed at all times, especially during Passover. Many people, whether or not they are Jewish, feel better about eating Kosher products as well because they have been safely and carefully prepared and examined before being sold.

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