Written by Jill Morrison
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Lazar Paskesz started his candy company in 1954 in New York. He would drive the supervising Rabbi two hours to the plant to produce Kosher confections. His first product was cookies, but he quickly expanded to include candies. He began importing Kosher products in the 1960s and today imports products from Europe, Israel, and South America.

Choices from Paskesz Candy

In the 1960s, Paskesz Candy sold the first Kosher chewing gum. It was a gold foiled coin-shaped gum. But the most popular products came in the 1990s and revolutionized the Kosher Market. One of the first famous products was Sour Sticks. Another very popular product was Melba Toast.

More recently, the company has produced the popular line of Haribo gummy candy. They are the exclusive importer and distributor for Haribo in the United States. They make Gummy bears, Gummy snakes and other Gummy candies. They also import and distribute products such as Man Wafers and Cookies from Israel.

Paskesz Candy Inc. has achieved its goal of bringing candy and confections to the Kosher market in the United States. In addition to their own line, they distribute many other brands such as Torino chocolates from Switzerland and Vered chocolates of Israel. They are looking forward to continuing and expanding the business.

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