Written by Jill Morrison
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Shufra is the name of a Kosher chocolate dessert. The company is known for making gourmet layered Halvah. You can purchase chocolate form this company individually or in packages. The products are most commonly purchased in gift boxes.

Qualities of Shufra Products

The Shufra chocolate company offers many great chocolate treats which may be consumed by those following a Kosher diet. Jewish households partake in Kosher diets mostly. The rules of Kosher can be observed in the Torah, the Old Testament of the Bible. These rules show which foods are considered Kosher and how food should be prepared for it to remain Kosher.

Shufra makes a variety of chocolate treats that can be purchased for personal enjoyment or as a gift. Some popular choices of chocolates include mint creams, chocolate Vienese crunch, Chocolate Bonbonnier, marshmallow chocolate treats, coconut chocolates, and raspberry cream chocolates. The chocolatier that makes these products is Manhattan Chocolate & Nuts Inc. and is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Many people will purchase these chocolate treats to use as a gift. You can choose form various sizes of gift boxes depending on how much you are willing to spend and who you are giving the gift to. You should pay attention to how each of the chocolate products are labeled. They may be labeled with an "OK," a "P," or with a special Passover symbol. If you are purchasing a gift for Passover, make sure that the Passover symbol is included on the labeling. The products that are not labeled this way are Kosher during the year, but not during Passover.

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