Story Of Purim

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The story of Purim takes us back to Persia, many hundreds of years ago. King Achashverosh had put his first wife to death and was looking for a new queen. He had the most beautiful girls from all over the kingdom paraded before him. Once he saw Esther, he determined that she should be his new queen immediately.

Esther was reluctant. She was a Jewess and did not welcome this attention at all. However, her cousin Mordechai urged her to be patient and to conceal the facts of her heritage and religion from her new husband. The King fell deeply in love with Esther, and she was quickly raised to a very honorable status.

Haman's Plot

The King's evil adviser, Haman, was plotting to have all the Jews killed as part of his revenge on Mordechai. Haman was a very arrogant person, and Mordechai was the only member of the community who had refused to bow down to him. Haman's hatred had grown beyond all bounds until nothing else would satisfy him but death to all the Jews.

Mordechai sent word to Esther inside the palace that she should intercede with the King on behalf of her people. This filled her with fear because no one was permitted to seek an audience with the King without his invitation. In addition, she would have to reveal the truth about who she was. The King hadn't seen his wife for a month. What should Esther do? Mordechai urged her to go ahead and see him.

First she decided that she would say lots of prayers and fast for three days. She asked Mordechai to ask all the Jews to fast with her. She then planned private banquets for the King on two days. Haman was present at both. Esther's plan worked and the King gave Mordechai Haman's place at court after the king had Haman hanged

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