Written by Jill Morrison
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Taffy is a popular type of candy. It has been enjoyed by children and adults for many years. Many different candy companies make this type of stretchy candy, including Wonka and Paskesz. They are available to purchase from candy stores, grocery stores, specialty markets, Kosher markets, and online.

Taffy Choices

There are many different sizes, colors, and flavors of taffy candy. Some popular flavors include cherry, grape, watermelon, banana, strawberry, and fruit punch. Some candy companies even make more unique flavors of this candy, such as wild blue raspberry and chocolate. They are appreciated because many companies that make this candy are Kosher.

Kosher foods are focused on in Jewish households, primarily. To be Kosher, foods have to be prepared and inspected in certain ways. Candy fits into the parve category of Kosher foods. The other two categories are dairy and meat. Many different types of Kosher candies are available to purchase.

You can find taffy in packages or sold individually. Wonka candy company makes this product in large quantities and they are very popular. The Wonka candies can be found in jars of 165 chews and jokes are included on the wrappers of each piece of candy.

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