Wholesale Kosher Candy

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you are involved in any kind of Jewish society, or run any activities where Jews regularly take part, you will want to provide suitable snacks for your members or clientele. Providing kosher food products will make you a lot more popular as the demand for kosher is on the rise all the time. Schools and educational institutions may also want to have kosher candy for sale alongside ordinary candy for Jewish students. Fortunately, this need not be as expensive as you might imagine.

You can find sources for kosher candy and other suitable food items at wholesale prices for larger quantities. You may also want to acquire a line of kosher candy if you run any kind of kosher food store; candy is always a popular choice and may attract more business. Kosher food can be expensive because it simply costs more to produce, since standards are so high. To be able to buy wholesale kosher candy, you will generally need to have a resale license or some other proof of your resale intentions, and you should expect there to be minimum order conditions.

Look for Wholesale Kosher

Many kosher food stores will not sell wholesale, for a variety of reasons. If you want to buy large quantities, don't buy from a trader who won't give you a special price. There are plenty of kosher food stores out there, you just need to look for the right kosher store.

It is very possible to find quality kosher food at wholesale prices. The kind of discount you can expect when you buy kosher candy wholesale varies quite a bit, but you should hope for at least a 10 percent discount. In addition, many companies will offer better terms for larger orders, or special gifts as incentives.

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