Bar Mats

Written by Samuel Wong
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Without bar mats, things can get slippery and wet very quickly. When you're serving drinks, spills are bound to happen. All it takes is a misstep and a broken glass or two to create a costly workplace injury.

Bar mats keep everything from your floors to your shelves safe, sanitary and organized. Bottles of spirits tend to get sticky very quickly. Storing them on a bar mat will reduce the "sticky factor" and help you keep the bar area clean and organized. Storing your freshly washed cups and glasses on textured bar mats allows free movement of air, so cups dry faster and stay cleaner longer.

Upgrade Your Bar with Bar Mats

Bar mats also provide a textured surface upon which to serve your customers their drinks of choice. The ribbed surface ensures that the glass will not get stuck to the bar top. Any spills will be channeled away, creating a dry surface on which the customer can place his or her much-needed tips.

Bar mats are also useful underfoot. Bartenders have to stand for extended periods of time, and not show fatigue to their customers. Floor mats can provide a soft, resilient surface making 8 hours of standing feel like no time at all. The perforated surface ensures that any spills will not puddle and create a hazardous situation for your staff.

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