Written by Samuel Wong
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Without blenders, margaritas and other chilled drinks would always be on the rocks. Using a blender enables you to make chilly, smooth frozen margaritas for the adults, and tasty slushies for the kids. Blenders can be used for much more than adult beverages.

Today blenders are used to make thick and creamy milkshakes and sundaes. You can try to do all of the stirring and mixing yourself, but chances are you end up with a cramp long before your shake is perfectly mixed and blended. And no drink is fun to drink when you can't move your arm!

Crush, Chop, And Stir with Blenders

A good blender can crush ice in a matter of seconds. Many older blenders could partially crush ice, leaving you with a mix of fine snowy powder and big icy chunks. Unevenly crushed ice in margaritas and daiquiris can result in clogged straws, which are no fun at all.

When you're looking at blenders for your home or business, you want to choose one that can handle a variety of ingredients. A blender that crushes ice well may not be good for whipping or mixing other ingredients. In other words, it's a good idea to get a blender that works well and fast. You don't want a couple that comes in and orders smoothies to cause a queue that backs up out the door and around the block!

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