Candy Apple Mixes

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Candy apples are fresh apples fitted onto sticks and dipped into flavored syrup. They can be served hot and gooey, right after dipping, or cooled for a sweet and crunchy coating. The original flavor for candy apple is cinnamon, which was the main flavor used around the turn of the century. At that time, candy apples became a popular offering at early concession stands, in traveling fairs and outdoor festivals.

The Variety of Candy Apple Flavors

Candy apples can still be found in the mix of the popular sweet treats and salty snacks available today at many outdoor festivities and street markets. These days, however, candy apples have veered from the simple cinnamon-red syrups and ventured into creative territories. They might be berry-flavored, for example, or served with a red-hot cinnamon concoction.

These flavors and more are available in ready-made candy apple mixes. The recipe for candy apple syrup requires sugar, water, corn syrup, cinnamon (or other flavor) and food coloring. Most mixes require only added sugar and water, and the rest of the ingredients are perfectly-proportioned to result in the flavor, color and viscosity of an ideal candy apple. Syrups can also be made from scratch, but may still be enhanced with the help of a "setting" agent, which provides the perfect color and flavor you desire.

Mixes, syrups and additive agents are all available at certain concession supply stores. These stores generally carry anything you need to create candy apples, from stoves to serving sticks. One 15-ounce package of mix yields approximately 80 apples, depending on size and preferred amount. Some mixes are available that already have sugar added, and only need to be mixed with water and heated to create the syrup coating.

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