Candy Apple Stoves

Written by Ingrid Chen
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A candy apple is an apple dipped in flavored sugar syrup, which can be either crunchy or gooey. Though the originator of the candy apple is unknown, it is known that they were a popular treat at the turn of the century. At that time, they were more commonly-known as "candied" apples. In most cases, the apple is served on a stick for portable eating.

Traditionally the syrup is cinnamon-flavored, although candy apples can be made with nearly any sweet flavor. The basic recipe for candy apple syrup consists of sugar, water, corn syrup, cinnamon and red food coloring. All the ingredients are boiled to 300 degrees, and apples are then dipped into the mixture. Apples can be served hot, with the syrup still viscous, or they can be given an hour to cool so the syrup hardens.

How Candy Apple Stoves Work

Candy apple stoves boil the syrup to the proper heat level, which is gauged by a very specific adjustable thermometer. Stoves will keep the syrup at the exact temperature for a long period of time. Most stoves consist of two parts: the stove itself, which is the heating element, and the kettle, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

Selling candy apples can be a highly profitable venture, especially in entertainment venues with high foot traffic. Carnivals, street fairs and marketplaces alike are perfect for such a food stand. The equipment will be the greatest cost, but can be easily recovered once business starts. Candy apple ingredients are inexpensive, and not much space or equipment is needed to produce these treats.

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