Candy Apple Supplies

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Though the beginnings of the candy apple are vague at best, this sticky, sweet treat has a notable place in food history. Candy apples became widespread around the turn of the century, at a time when traveling fairs were particularly popular. With these fairs came traveling food carts, the early versions of the concession stands we now know.

A fresh apple is "skewered" with a stick, dipped into bubbling hot flavored syrup, and served either warm and gooey or cooled with a crunchy coat of sugar. Traditionally the syrup was cinnamon flavored and tinted with red food coloring. This appearance gave rise to the color "candy apple red," which indicates a glossy, bright red finish, particularly on metal surfaces such as cars.

What Supplies Are Necessary for Candy Apples?

Various supplies are needed to make candy apples. Most importantly, an adjustable-temperature stove is required to keep the melted syrup at a consistent temperature over a period of time. Stoves made specifically for candy apples are great for the task. These stoves have two main parts: the heating element and the kettle, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

Each apple requires a stick to hold it with for dipping and eating. These sticks may be made of paper or wood. A stick-setting device might also be helpful for large volumes of candy apples, to quickly pierce apples and prevent personal injuries. Cooled candy apples can be served in clear or colored wraps, which can be tied onto the stick with a twist tie, or fancy ribbon if you wish. Candy apple mixes may be purchased as well for complete convenience. These mixes generally require only added sugar and water, and the flavor, texture and color takes care of itself.

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