Chef Coats

Written by Samuel Wong
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Chef coats can create a sanitary, healthy environment in the kitchen. Many people are unaware that the clothes they wear can carry germs and other pollutants. These invisible menaces can infect other employees, or worse, they can contaminate your food.

Requiring chef coats in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to prevent contamination from street clothing. The coats protect the food from germs, and they protect your clothes from becoming stained from splatters and squirts in the kitchen. It also creates a clean, organized look that is especially important if your restaurant features an open kitchen.

Cook with Style in Chef Coats

Not only do they look good, but chef coats can also protect your kitchen staff's arms and other body parts from being scalded or scorched. Oil splatters can be very painful and they have the possibility to travel far distances in the kitchen. When your employees wear chef coats, a cool layer of material protects them. Chef coats also prevent your staff from overheating in the kitchen. The coat acts as an insulating barrier against the superheated air swirling through the kitchen.

Chef coats are a fashionable way to add style and class to your restaurant. People in uniforms are more respected and admired. When your customers see your staff wearing chef coats, they will treat them as the knowledgeable food experts they are.

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