Churros Machines

Written by Ingrid Chen
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A churro is a fried dessert, shaped into long strips and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. This snack was thought to be named after the horns of the Churro sheep found in the Spanish grasslands. Though churros were an innovation from Spain, they have become extremely popular as a Mexican and South American dessert. They eventually found their way to popularity north of the border, and are particularly prevalent in the Southern and Western United States.

Churro stands are often seen in many entertainment venues, from sports arenas and carnivals to street markets and sidewalk stands. A churro stand may be a profitable way of earning extra income, and a great starting path for becoming a business owner. After the initial equipment is purchased, those costs can be recovered quickly with brisk sales at the right locations. Profits can be exceptionally high because of the low costs of supplies and maintenance.

How Churros Are Made

Churros are formed by extruding dough out of a device, which is based on the idea behind a pastry tube. "Churreras" are hand-held tools that are held by the base with one hand while the other pushes the batter into a fryer. Commercial, stainless steel extruders are also available for quick production at high volumes. These extruders are conveniently placed right above the fryer, and with the turn of a dial, a perfect serving drops straight into the hot oil.

There are also shallow fryers made specifically for fried foods that float to the top, such as churros and funnel cakes. The batter itself is similar to a general pastry batter. Many operators use convenient, pre-made batter mixes that need only water added.

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