Commercial Ice Makers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Commercial ice makers eliminate having to assign the ice-making chore to your employees. The time spent on filling and emptying ice trays can really add up. For an employee making 8 dollars an hour, that can result in thousands of dollars in labor expenses. You'll end up spending much more money on labor than the cost of an ice maker or two.

Commercial ice makers provide you with an endless supply of clean, sanitary ice. Ice cubes left in a freezer for extended periods of time can absorb odors and flavors of other food items. This can result in poor-tasting beverages and potentially an overall bad dining experience.

Chill Out with Commercial Ice Makers

With commercial ice makers, you'll always have a supply of fresh ice on hand. This ice can be used for beverages, blended drinks, and to cool items in salad bars and meat displays. Using an ice maker frees up space in your freezer for other frozen items, like ice cream.

Commercial ice makers come in a variety of sizes and capacities. If you run a small cafe, you most likely won't need an ice machine producing a few thousand pounds of ice per day. There are ice makers that can fit under the counter, so you won't have to rearrange your whole kitchen to accommodate the ice-cold workhorse that is an ice maker.

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